A Car for Robert

Laura A Hillyer-Hensley

Hello, my name is Laura and I would like to submit Robert Hensley into your contest. Robert is a truly amazing young man. He is currently putting himself thru college with little help from me. I became unemployed 2 years ago. Robert is not only in college, he is the co founder of the Community Closet, a grass roots charity that has over 4000 followers and helps thousands of people every year at no charge. He works all parts of the charity which operates on a zero dollar budget. He helps get donated items, sort and stock those items and then distribute them to those families in need. He doesn’t have a car and we can not afford one. Having his own car would allow him to drive to and from school instead of taking the train and it would help to grow the Community Closet charity by giving him a vehicle to gather and distribute items. Robert is a hard working, smart and kind hearted young man who would greatly benefit from getting a car and in turn would help many more with this blessing.

Homewood Chevy Cares 41.5616427, -87.6355037.