A Change is Coming

Tracy M

Yes, indeed I believe in miracles. I’m writing this essay on behalf of my young, smart, hardworking, and loving daughter, Nalani. She’s a full time college student studying to become a physical therapist. She is currently completing her first half of the clinical studies requirement, the second half will be in the spring of 2023, in which she has to successfully pass in order to graduate and take the state board physical therapy exam. I have been driving Nalani back and forth to her clinical assignment as well as her regular job that she works part time during the week. Nalani really doesn’t want to bother me but I’m the only one she has who wants to see her only child accomplish her goals. Also, I have to transport my grandson, Jonah everywhere, doctor appointments, relatives, etc
It’s been difficult for me because of the cost of fuel just to fill my vehicle up every few days and being on a tight budget, I have to sometimes ask family and close friends for gas money. I would really like to win that car for my daughter so she can have transportation to get to and from where she needs to go and it would take the stress from me of driving her everywhere.

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