A Homewood Chevy Mechanic's Widow

Lee N

Lee was enjoying retirement in Arizona when a life changing tragedy unexpectedly happened. Her husband, Scott Navarro who was a previous Homewood Chevy master mechanic (1988-03), passed away without any warning. This left Lee completely heartbroken, she ultimately had to make the major decision to sell everything and move back to Illinois to be closer to her daughter. Since moving back in 2022 she has made great progress but is still missing one thing, a vehicle to drive. She put all her savings into purchasing a new home and moving all of her and her husband’s belongings back to Illinois (which of course included her late husband’s toolbox). Lee has no vehicle to drive to get to doctor’s appointments or grocery stores. This makes it hard for an elderly woman when she has to spend money on drop off grocery services and Ubers to get to doctor’s appointments. I believe there is no one else in this world that deserves to win this contest more than Lee. She is such a kindhearted and thoughtful person who has been struck with such a tremendous loss. Thank you for taking the time to read this heartfelt story of Lee. 

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