A look into my life

Patricia Harris

I am a thirty nine year old mother of three , two daughters and one son. I can honestly say despite the ups and downs that life has thrown our way as a family, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your children doing good in school and living healthy lives. But just to give a little background of my own life before children. I was diagnosed with type one diabetes at the age of eleven and it has always been a worry of mine learning what other medical issues could occur after years of having diabetes. As I have been through high risk pregnancies luckily no serious long term complications I had to teach my children how to help me in times of emergencies. My sixteen year old daughter has saved my life from the times I’ve had problems with hypoglycemia. She is a straight A student and was invited to take college courses while in high school during her junior and senior years. I work nights from five thirty til two AM so that I can get my children to and from school and it is truly a struggle picking up a grammar school and high schooler. I want my daughter to be able to travel to school in the car l that we currently have and I think she’s been such a great kid and no matter how hard I work or save the money that I make and save goes towards and bills, food and medical. I just want to be able to get to work on time, get my son to and from school, care for my youngest daughter and have a peace of mind knowing my daughter can get to her high school and college classes safely. Living pay check to pay check I can’t afford to get a monthly car note.

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