A mom looking for a Christmas miracle ✨️

Jacquelyn Reeves

I work hard every day. I have a chevy equinox currently and I have put a lot of money into it recently. I am a big chevy supporter and have been trying my hardest to keep up with it and bills and necessities. Last week my heat stopped working I’ve paid for every component of that besides what’s behind the electrical switch panel so far. ( heater core, coolant lines, tank, and thermostat. I have sunk all of my extra money for 2 months now trying to fix the car to pass emissions then this. Unfortunately this is the reason I haven’t even begun Christmas shopping. I have 3 kids and I am a single mom. I never ever put me first. And my babies can’t keep rising around with no heat. I am at a loss to because it’s like we must chose to have a car or buy a small amount of presents. Life is Definitely hard right now with the economy and inflation…I just want to be able to get In a car and feel safe and normal. I give all my kids friends rides too, my oldest is 14…and this car is embarrassing to him. Basically I figured I’d try and test my luck to a better tomorrow. Even if I don’t win…merry Christmas to whoever does and to whoever has taken their time to read this. Bless you 😘

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