A Second Chance at Life

Cash Jones

My fiancé Courtney Jones, has faced very life challenge there is ! Being born drug exposed, not having his biological parents, foster care, homelessness, going days without eating , struggling in school, labeled , bullied due to life circumstances by his peers. Courtney has overcome EVERY adversity that life brought upon him at as young as a infant. At 32, Courtney proved all of the rumors that he will not be anything in life and is a great father, and works hard long hours to help provide for his family and children. Courtney is currently taking public transportation to commute over 20 miles to and from work . At times even having to walk due to public transportation inconsistency. Courtney has had to walk 1-2 hours to get to his destination to ensure he can provide for his children. He only wants to give his children the life he never had. This car would impede some of his current life stressors. He has been fighting since he took his first breath! But I pray he will get the opportunity to finally be able to stop fighting when pertaining to transportation! No one should walk 1-2 hours to work, no matter in the rain, sleet or snow. Cash does this and does it complain, and is grateful he is alive.

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