A time to give

Denise Porter

First off I would like to wish all the staff at Homewood Chevy a happy holiday, you all truly give great customer service the two times I purchased a vehicle from you. The first time was when my teenage children damaged my care while I was on vacation. I came in looking for a used car to get me back and forth to work and you made it possible for me to have a brand new 2012 chevy Cruze. I’ll never forget that because your team made it seem so magical even tho we where the last people in the store. They gave me the one off the show case floor we everyone came out to move vehicles the big glass doors where open up I felt like I was in a princess movie I was never so excited in my live and the second vehicle was for my daughter this time I did get a used vehicle and still recieved the same great service. Ok let’s get to the reason I chose to enter this contest it took me a long time to do this because I usually don’t enter contest just do not believe in them in my favor or a chance to every win one. I have a 37 year old daughter born with cerebral palsy and scoliosis and it has become very difficult to transport from place to place as me and my husband are now up in age. We are both retired now and live on fix incomes and with the steady cost of everything sky rocketing things have become a little difficult and getting a new vehicle is a far stretch. We would love to get a small van or crossover vehicle that the people of Newstar would make wheelchair accessible and make our child mobile again. So if you all find it in your hearts to make this dream come true this vehicle would be put to great use for our family to transport our daughter/sister to enjoy family mobility, this vehicle will be kept up so possibly be donated to another family that could use it when it no longer need it. Well that’s my story and Christmas wish I’ll keep it short because I could probably go pass maybe 2000 words for our family has taken care of Kendeisha in home all her life with very little assistance and never regreated one day for the happiness she brings to us.
Happy holidays and a bright prosperous new year to your team

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