Baby's New Car

Shawn Barber

I am an unmarried gay man who is trying to have a baby. For my whole life, I never thought that I would be able to have my OWN baby and always figured that I’d have to adopt. Recently, a very close friend of mine offered to donate me her eggs, which is an incredible gift and I am forever grateful. However, that is only one part of the journey. The other part of the journey involves IVF, surrogacy, doctor visits, lawyer fees, etc., as well as the prices that come with it. After attending a surrogacy conference here in Chicago, I learned that I will have to pay a minimum of $130,000, just to have the baby. It is a significant amount of money. However, I have been saving to purchase a new car, however that is difficult due to inflation, and now even more difficult due to my new aspiration. Receiving a new car would be such a blessing in my life and help me so much with my current situation. Thank you for reading my submission and have a blessed day.

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