Car giveaway: My sister (caregiver) desperately needs

Ginger D

My sister is a single Mother whom works her butt off. I am crippled and can’t walk and couldn’t physically nor even mentally function. Had a Dr whom messed me up from a surgery then had a stroke and my brain function still hasn’t fully recovered but I can speak better and type a complete sentence as of a year and half ago I couldn’t do that. My sister has taken my 13yo son and myself in cause I couldn’t work to support us. She works 50 plus hours, tends to my son and I’s needs. She lost her car and took mine over and now the heater stopped working. She has never once thrown up in my face that she has to physically pick me up to put me in my bed, in a car etc. Basically all of our small family has died and we are all we got and being disabled I can’t help her like she does me so I nominate Ginger Dawson for this desperately needed vehicle. Thank you for this opportunity. And I too believe in miracles (everyday)

Homewood Chevy Cares 41.5616427, -87.6355037.