Chevrolet Of Homewood 8th Annual Car Giveaway Contest

Darlene W.

Why I Want To Win: The first car that I ever owned was a Toyota Supra given to me by my dad. I moved in with my parents in 1997, I believe was the year, not knowing he was terminally ill. He gave me his car because he couldn’t drive anymore. The only problem was, I didn’t have my license! 🙂 Because my dad needed me, I obtained my license at the age of 44 and was able to do/be whatever he needed. While caring for my dad, I was always asked why didn’t I have my license? I answered with, “because the DMV won’t allow me to take my test using a bus.” 🙂 That was my means of transportation. Not long after that a dear Christian sister at my church offered to take me to get my license. Five days later I had it!:) The car had expensive mechanical problems right before my dad passed away at the age of 89. I’m so grateful that I was there for him! The greatest blessing was that our relationship was restored and now he’s with our Lord!!! I needed to go to work so that I had the finances to take care of myself my son and have the car repaired but my dad didn’t want me to leave, so I didn’t. I had my license for two days when i was asked to take someone to a doctor’s appointment, downtown?!?! How cool was that?!? 🙂 I didn’t tell them that I had just got my license. I just saw a need. I’m continuing to be what others need, but I can do even more if I had my own car. Thank you for this opportunity to share some my story!!! BLESSINGS. PS. A new car of my own would be a great way to celebrate my 70th birthday in July! However, I’m already excited for whoever the winner will be!!! Blessings to them!!!:)

Homewood Chevy Cares 41.5616427, -87.6355037.