Chevy! Help me fight cancer

emmali r

Chevy has always been in the family. When i was a little girl, my mom bought a Chevy Corisca, and when I grew up it was my first car in highschool. Trusting Chevy, I bought a Chevy Cruze when I was able to buy my first car. I loved it ! Until the recalls. I spent most of 2019 coming up with the money to rebuild the engine, to only have the transmission go out later. During the pandemic, it was recalled. I couldn’t afford to keep paying a note on an unoperable car. I spent 2020 ubering and walking everywhere. Then my life took another turn when I was diagnosed with cancer. I am a single mom of 1 amazing son who can’t seem to get a break. So chevy, a new car would help me fight for my life. I save enough to buy an old, small used car that isn’t very dependable and needs repairs. It worries me as I travel back and forth for treatment. A new car would let me just worry about getting to treatment, not if the car will make it there. A new car would take so much extra stress off of me during this time, as stress promotes growth of the tumor. I would be more than thankful Chevy!

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