Family Matters

Anita B

Hi my name is Anita. I am a single mother of 6. Me and my children settled into our new home on February 18th 2022. After 2 years of homelessness prior to being in an abusive relationship and leaving literally everything behind, we are finally getting used to a happy and stable lifestyle. The only issue is… transportation. The car I have Has drained my savings numerous times over the past five years and still isn’t reliable. I try my best to keep it running but with 6 children under 13, it is difficult to afford. We were blessed to receive section 8 this year for our home. Although I’ve healed from past events I am now getting help for my children as our unstable lifestyle in the recent past has affected them mentally and emotionally as well. Which means more appointments, on top of grocery shopping, regular Dr appointments, and trips to school and daycare. I also clean houses for a living so that I can be available to my children as I can make my own schedule. To be selected for a new car would lift the burden of possibly being out a vehicle during the winter, and being able to save as well as work more. This would be a wonderful gift to my family, we would be forever grateful for the opportunity! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my essay.
All the best – Baker Family

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