Family over everything

Agustin Yniguez

I think every hard working person deserves win a car, including myself who doesn’t have a car of her own. But I’m not writing for me. This is for my dad I believe he deserves to win a new Chevrolet he has worked so hard all his life over 30 years of working and always dedicated to be there for my mom and me my two brothers and sister. About a month ago his car stopped working so he’s left with no car having to use my sister car whenever my sister can lend it to him. He does so much for me, he takes my son to school everyday and picks him up from school as well. And not to mention he takes to work when needed because I don’t have a car as well. My dad truly deserves this he’s never owned a brand new car before, because he never was able to afford it. He’s worked so hard to provide for us and still does so much for us. Please make this a memorable Christmas for my Dad. I can write so much more but I’m limited to 200 words.

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