For my dad (chris)

Cathy w

I would love for my dad to win this car he can really use it. We just lost my mom 2 years ago she was his everything. He never got over her passing the car he had now is falling apart and needs work. His tail lights got broken while at the store can’t afford new ones. He has a leak he keeps fixing but it’s not helping he can’t afford the repairs any more since my mom passed he lost her income is very tight. Can barley afford groceries after he pays all his bills. I help him with that when I can. And he also has a dog that helps keep him busy and gives him a little comfort. So this would be perfect for him a small car with no issues for a little while would be great. His headlights are not very bright I am scared for him to drive at night. He all ready has trouble seeing and the headlights don’t help the situation. I drove his car once at night to see and it is not good. So can you please consider my dad (Chris) as a good contestant. He would give you his last dollar and the shirt off of his back if you needed it.

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