Help me help my community

Jennifer R.

By me winning a new Chevy, I would be able to continue my work in the hospice setting and helping my patients in the end stages of their life. In order to continue this job I love so much, I would have to have a better vehicle. Also, it would help me be able to volunteer with the organization that means a lot me, the ” House of Ruth” that helps domestic violence survivors get to court, out of bad situations, and to safe houses. Also, I have two teenagers that have never had the opportunity to have a car and this would afford them the opportunity of having my older vehicle. By winning this Chevy I could give back to not only my family but my community. This would also help me finish school and become an RN and help my community in that way!
Everyone deserves an opportunity to have a nice and dependable car. My kids and I were homeless earlier in the year and because of this we slept in my car and it has some memories that aren’t so good and some and a lot of wear and tear that I cannot afford to have fixed. A new car would ensure that I am able to make it to my sisters murder trial at the beginning of 2023, from when she was killed tragically due to domestic violence. It would mean the world to me as I could support her in the only way that I can now since she has passed and be able to support my mom as she has to relive this nightmare again. I can not put into 200 words what this would mean to me, my family, and my community!

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