Homewood Chevy Car Giveaway 2022

Lina Jursa

Dear Homewood Chevrolet staff,
My name is Lina Jursa and I believe that I would greatly benefit from a new car this year. I’m a junior at Monmouth College studying Chemistry and Education in hopes of teaching high school chemistry. Next semester I begin a new job as a teacher’s assistant at a school in my college town. I believe having a car would make it easier for me to get to and from work and classes since I study in a rural area with little public transportation. By having a car, I would be able to fulfill a wonderful opportunity offered to me and ensure that I am present for all of my classes. It would also make it much easier to visit my family back home. I come from a pretty large family, having four little brothers. Sometimes it is difficult to arrange to see them since my family has to drive to me and my siblings are usually in school when I’m on break. Having a car would allow me to see my family without the hassle of scheduling and planning. I believe my life could change drastically if given this opportunity. Thank you.

Lina Jursa

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