Hope and Help are possible

Julia R Williams

The last two years have been tough on the entire world which has heightened the struggle not only physically but mentally. Julia is a single parent that got into a car accident that was so horrible she could have died. Although that was bad and we rejoiced over the fact that life is so precious I have seen it be harder for her to recover. Transportation is important and you do what you can to adjust but as a single parent, a car can be the one stabilizer that gets you through. It equipped her with independence and self-assurance that gave her a sense of security and joy while providing for her and her daughter.

We have been searching, and sharing vehicles, she has taken the bus, an uber, etc. We reached out to organizations hoping there was help available and just when we had exhausted all of our options she came across the Homewood Chevy Cares car giveaway. We were filled with joy for this opportunity. Winning this car would be a fulfillment of the hope that help in the midst of recovery is possible, and the best gift for her life and well-being far beyond Christmas.

Homewood Chevy Cares 41.5616427, -87.6355037.