I have the drive, all I need is a car.

LaToya Glover

When I got clean and sober in 2019 I knew I had to change everything. I was already homeless and pushing 40 with zero family support. Through the kindness of strangers and the grace of God I made it through the worst of the pandemic after losing all my sober friends to relapse, including my counselor. I started working at the Jewel in Homewood and quickly got promoted to supervisor and my own apartment. With what I make I cannot also afford a car right now. This makes getting home from work at night on the bus by myself sometimes a little scary. My amazing coworkers sometimes take me home for which I am grateful. If I had a car I would give rides to my coworkers who need it.
Over the past year I have been asked to speak at sober living homes and rehab facilities to help other addicts to recover but I always have to turn it down because I have no transportation. I truly desire to help others and I know a reliable car would give me the ability to pass on what I know and hopefully save some lives. I lost everything to my addiction, nearly my life. It is my mission to help addicts and their families find a way to heal and grow stronger together when a member is suffering from addiction. The opioid epidemic is causing constant suffering in this community. I have first-hand experience with that. I know I can make a difference. I have the ability and the desire. Thank you for considering me. May everyone reading this have a happy holiday and remember to show your love. It could be your last chance.

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