Jada Henleys Life without Granny

Jada H

I believe that I would be a great candidate for the new Chevrolet. The past 2 years have been very ruff for me. Due to certain medical things they have caused me great financial hardship. I recently lost my car due to me being unable to pay for it. I’m 28 no kids and everyday I get up to go take of my 74 year old grandmother. I make it my duty everyday to go and assist her with anything she needs. This includes me having to drive her to appointments and even her favorite Walmart. I would love to win the vehicle to be able to take my grandmother out for a trip to Walmart for hours. Now that I don’t have a car it’s hard to get transportation to go help her out daily. In my free time I love to do Uber eats and DoorDash. My grandmother raised me and she is my world. She has been in the hospital for the past two weeks with breathing problems. I feel bad because I’m unable to be there with her because of transportation problems. So please I would love to win the car for me and my grandmother.I would love to see the smile on her face to be able to take her outside again.

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