Love Story with a Struggle

Tommie Johnson

Tommie, his fiancé Angelyca, his son Ace who is 1 years old, and his daughter Ava who is turning 3 Nov. 4th could use this blessing. Watching Tommie and Angelyca’s love story has been amazing but it comes with a struggle. They met in 7th grade and have been together ever since. I have watched them push each other to always do their best. Tommie graduated on top of his class! He is an amazing young man. Now they are 22 years old and have two beautiful kids. Even though life has thrown them some curve balls they remain humble! The past two years the struggle has been real. The car they have now keeps dying out on them and they don’t even like to drive their kids in it anymore. Tommie works 6 days a week 10+ hours just to make sure his family has, but the one thing they NEED is a new vehicle to safely get to and from work and to keep their family safe while they travel. I never seen a young man so strong willed and so dedicated to his family. He had to grow up fast and work tiring hours to make sure his kids and his fiancé always have what they need. I think this would be a well deserved and needed Christmas blessing for a young family trying their hardest. This would take a huge stress of their shoulders, because bills are stressful enough and pile up on them. Our family helps in every way possible. From emergency diapers to tossing some money to help for rent. We are a family and will always make sure they have support. I take them to appointments when I can just as long as I know they are safely getting there. If you don’t pick them that is ok. We pray that whoever gets blessed it makes their life that much better. They do not know we are entering them, but this blessing is amazing. Thank you for doing this.

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