Mother of two with a heart old gold and the strength of a warrior

Taraisia Alexander

I would like to enter my sister as a candidate to win this car. She struggles with buying used cars to avoid paying a monthly note and ends up with a lemon or a car that doesn’t make it through our harsh winters. She has two children and has lost two children in the past 4 years to still births, her last being in 2021 while 7 months pregnant a month after my wedding. She cannot enjoy looking back at memories of my wedding due to the sadness, and she is recovering as a single mother. I love her and she’s one of the best moms and nicest people I know. She is the type that would give her last so it pains me to know how much help she actually needs herself. She has tons of faith and all she needs is a deep breath of relief from the pattern of loss she has experienced. I have no idea where her strength comes from, She moved to Gary, IN so the family rarely sees her and I am regularly ordering groceries for her, she also isn’t able to visit the memorials of her deceased children. Please bless her!

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