On The Run

Delicia Plant D

I want to introduce to a you young who is smart, hardworking, caring, always going out her way too take care of everyone MOST importing getting people to their destination and is always ON THE GO!!
This young lady day starts at 3am in the morning, she off to work back home takes her girls to school back to work, getting off work, shops for dinner, picks up nephews from school drops him off at home, picks her girls up, gets her other nephews, now she finally made it home to prepared dinner, help her girls with homework. She is back out the house to drop her nephew to his parents. On Saturday and Sunday, she spends quality time with her girls and her sister, which can be taking them to Girls Scoot, to the Movie or skating, Alway finding something they can do. As you can see, she NEEDS a dependable car.
This young lady got a Big Blow to her heart she lost her uncle and Granny who was the LOVE of her life with in two weeks of each other. It took her a long time to get her where she is today. She is trying to hold to a promise she made to her Granny which was to keep her house. This has been an uphill battle for her paying Lawyer to take her case without being taken advantage of. Her granny left her a car it was total in a hit and run finally got her credit score to purchase, and boyfriend total it, since then it’s been one Lemon car after another. I know this not a tearjerker, but I know everything she has gone through, and the PATH that she is about to go through, she would need a dependable vehicle. I know she is hurting, and this would definitely lift her sprits since this is about the time, she lost her Granny. If I ever Won, the lottery or run into a large sum of money
this would be one of the things I would do for her.
I want to introduce to you
Ms. Delicia Plant

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