Single mom needs a spark of joy in her life!

Mayra D

This is my third year entering this contest and I hope to win this year! My family and I have suffered a lot of losses within the past two years. The loss of my father from dementia, the loss of our home due to our landlord selling all of his properties and us not being able to find a place to live in time because of poor credit. So, we had to struggle and live in a motel for a few months which was hard. I lost my job due to lack of transportation. I suffer from an anxiety disorder which also caused me to lose a job and I could not collect unemployment due to getting paid in cash so I struggled and had to reach out to the public for help. Now two months ago my mother passed away unexpectedly which I am still trying to deal with. Just too many things that have been negative in my life these past few years. I have been between jobs for a few months now because I keep losing jobs for one reason or another.( nothing that I have done! ) I have to limit myself to the areas near my house when it comes to looking for jobs since I do not have a car! Winning a new car would be a total game changer for me as I would be able to get a job anywhere so that I can continue supporting my son. It’s been very difficult not having transportation to get around. That is why my Christmas wish is to get a new car because that would at least take off some stress out of my life and make my life a little easier after everything that I have been through! Thank you!

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