Starting over

Delean Shumpert

Winning a new Sonic would be a blessing for me for the following reasons. I am a single mom starting over at most everything after losing my home, job and esteem (which I didn’t realize had been challenged until this pandemic ). I am currently in the rebuilding phase of life, but I’m thankful. Prior to the pandemic I secured employment and housing to keep things stable for my son and I which is another reason I am grateful. I cannot say things haven’t been challenging with health scares (screenings to make sure non cancerous), thankful once again. Oh, all of this behind the process of divorce which is extremely hurtful and stressful, but I’m learning to look forward. If am blessed to win a new Sonic it is would help me with going back and forth to work, assisting my son with getting him to a new job as he was furloughed from lifeguarding due to gym closures. I thank you for your consideration in this process.

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