Thankful and Hopeful.

Carla L

I should win a new Chevy because I’m a Chevy girl. My first Car that I’m in the picture with is a 95’ Chevy Lumina LS. I have had her for a little over 10 years and she still proves a champ. She has a lot of body damage and is on her last leg. I’ve had a rough life full of ups and downs as we all have. However, I have been having a time trying to get a really good running car due to me not being able to keep jobs because of my car not running. The buses out here are not reliable at all. I’ve put her in the shop recently it was there for 8 months and they jipped me out of 1000$ that I could have used to put towards another Chevy. I’m still managing to make ends meet by the grace of God but I don’t know how much longer I can go without having a reliable car. It makes me sad knowing that I’ve been good to so many people and they could care less to help me out. While the ones that would can’t. I lost my parents a few years back and it’s just me and my uncle. He is disabled and can’t walk to good so we don’t see eachother much because he is in a home out west and I don’t like driving my car that far because I don’t want to get stranded. When I did have a decent job I went to many shops and alley mechanics which was either too expensive, they didn’t work on my year of car or they wanted me to go out with them and they would make sexual advances and when I turned them down they wouldn’t fix my car if they even knew what the problem really was. I have a lot of goals and ambition to help others especially troubled or abandoned children and youth. However, I need a reliable car. My Grandma who has passed on is the reason I trust Chevy. I bought a Chevy Cobolt earlier this year but I was sold a lemon from someone I thought was my friend. I tried to do a work from home job but I was out in October with people I thought were cool and they set me up to get robbed of my phone and the guy hit me in my jaw with a gun and broke it. So I had to resign due to my jaw being wired shut. I really would feel some grace and care winning a new Chevy. It would really put me in a way better position so that I can finally get a solid grip on my life. I could get to and from a good job safety to provide for myself. I would be able to connect with my Uncle better and help him get places he needs to go instead of him having to ride public transportation in the city which is dangerous for him. I also wouldn’t be laughed at by anyone when I’m driving by or pumping my gas. It really hurt to be laughed at by a homeless guy because of the way my car looks. I really would like to be able to go to nice areas and have something I could be proud of. It Really would make this holiday one to cherish and remember for the rest of my life. I could presue my dreams of changing the lives of others! As it would change my life forever winning a new Chevrolet. Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit of life’s story. I hope it graces me with an opportunity to change my life.

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