The Final Puzzle Piece To Retirement

Terri Curry

I’m ready to retire after over 30 years in the HealthCare industry but I cannot make that decision until I am sure I’ll have reliable transportation to carry me through my retirement years. Making a car payment will be out of my budget once I am on a fixed income so that is the last piece of the puzzle preventing me from taking that final step. I’ve spent the last few years paying off debt and trying to pay down my housing expenses and that has caused me to neglect my car maintenance. The car that I drive has several issues including needing to have the tires and brakes replaced. I will not feel confident in making the decision to retire until I can ensure I will have reliable transportation to transition me into my retirement years. Winning the Homewood Chevy Cares prize would be the most amazing thing that has happened to me and allow me to feel like I can start to enjoy my life after spending a lifetime helping others lead healthier lives.

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