Why my mom should win a new car

Sawyer H

I am entering this contest for my single mom of two, Rachel Horcher. As of right now, our family uses a 2012 Dodge Caravan. It’s pretty beat up and we can not afford to properly fix it. We have some financial struggles but she always manages to supply us with our needs no matter what. I have never been able to give her something extra, such as a nice gift for the holidays and I was hoping I could get your help. She works so hard and my 11 year old brother and I are so appreciative of her. She works three jobs and really deserves something as nice as a new car. She has been trying to pay off her current vehicle over the past four years in order to try to get a new car, better fit for our family. Her current car does not do very well over the cold months and she struggles to drive it. Our current car also doesn’t have proper heating or air conditioning so it’s always very cold over winter and very hot over summer. My mom is such a great person and help to many. Winning this new car would really lift all of our spirits. Thank you for your time,
Sawyer Horcher

Homewood Chevy Cares 41.5616427, -87.6355037.