Working mom needs new car.


Hello my name is Jaquita dorsey mom of 3 boys and 1 brother I have custody of, I am a postal letter carrier for the south loop, I go to work faithfully by car,train and sometimes Uber.the car is have is a Chevy equinox which keeps giving me trouble i have spent over thousands of dollars to get it fixed just to be left with nothing said i needed a new engine got that fix wasn’t the problem,new battery, new whatever they where throwing at me to fix and i can only do so much! Problems with the car still to this day so i catch the train or rides with coworkers or friends. Thank you guys for letting me vent lol But this is why I deserve a new Chevy! Even if I’m not pick I pray the person that gets it is so happy and grateful to receive it.

Homewood Chevy Cares 41.5616427, -87.6355037.