Yes, I believe in Miracles!

Chandra Allen

Hi, my name is Chandra Allen. I am a single mom of threen children ages nine, eleven, and twenty-three years old. I moved back into my childhood home back in 2017 because of some financial difficulties that took me down hill, although I was able to purchase a car from Homewood Chevrolet for my birthday that year in May, which was truly a Miracle, things have been downhill since then. I truly have faith in my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and I do believe in Miracles as I look after my 88 year old mother whom has developed full blown Alzheimers, although there is help from my siblings, there is nothing like being in the home with her and doing things for her, is like taking care of another child, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I want to share why winning a Chevrolet from Homewood Chevrolet would change my life. First of all, I have never won anything in my life and recently, I have had to pay out a lot of money that I did not have to fix the car I currently have and things still are not right with this vehicle which I am afraid is going to go out very soon. I am the sole transporter in my household and I do all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, run the errands, doctor’s visits, prescription pick-ups, school drop offs, and pretty much everything that needs to be done with a vehicle. I can no longer afford for this car I currently have to breakdown anymore so I have been hanging on to a prayer and a miracle and this would be the perfect one to be granted for me and my family. I would be so grateful if I win, but if not I would still be just as grateful!
Merry Christmas Homewood Chevrolet Family!

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