Yes I Believe in Miracles

Kristina H

Hi my name is Kristina Harris and I just received this email not too long ago. I say this because around 11am this morning I was talking to my sister and we were just talking about life and how it been a struggle and I brought up my car note, how it was stressful and how I just wish for someone to pay it off or something she said to me u need a miracle sister? I said yes I really do. This email was nothing but God. I am a single mother of seven children which is why I would need a reliable vehicle. I bought a car from you all about two years ago and ever since I bought it I been having problems with it. I been making appointments because it seems to be my transmission and every time I bring my car up there for a diagnostic they say it’s not the transmission and won’t try and figure out the issue. So after that I decided to give up. I’m telling you this because soon I believe my car will be out of commission, and I believe my warranty is no longer available. So your question to me is do I believe in miracles yes I believe in miracles!!!!!

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